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2002 BMW M3 Coupe

Imagine 333-horsepower in a car that represents the very pinnacle of automotive excellence. You have just fanaticized about the new M3. In its second year for this model, the M3 remains my top pick.   

Review on M3 Coupe   Review on M3 Convertible   Don't Try This At Home - Ouch!


2002 Ford SVT Focus

This is an almost perfectly balanced sport compact built on a shockingly affordable platform. You won't completely understand its goodness until you drive one. This car begs for you to take the long way home.

Review on SVT Focus


2002 Lexus IS 300 5-speed

The new for 2002 manual-equipped IS 300 is easily the most considerable BMW 3-series challenger from Japan. This remarkable car makes us wonder why we should spend more to own a German-built sport sedan.

Review on 2002 SportCross   Review on 5-speed


2002 BMW 3.0i 5-speed

The BMW X5 is arguably the best SUV on the market. And at $38,900 (base MSRP), it's the 3.0i model that I prefer over the more expensive V-8 variants. Plus the 3.0i is the only X5 available with a 5-speed manual.


2003 Mazda RX-8

Although Nissan has called its Maxima a 4-door sports car, here's a better example of such a paradox. The all-new RX-8 returns in style, complete with a genuine rotary engine offering 250-hp at 8500 rpm   Initial review on RX-8 concept   Review on RX-8


2003 Hummer H2

The all-new H2 takes the best aspects of the original Hummer and adds features required for a true daily-driven SUV. Compared to the military-derived Hummer H1, which raises your pulse but drives like a tank, the new H2 is much more refined, drivable and usable.


2002 MINI Cooper S

The all-new 115-hp Cooper is a superb entertainer. But it's the supercharged 163-hp Cooper S that gets my vote. Imagine a BMW-built racing go-cart. The Cooper S is that much fun.

Review on Cooper & Cooper S


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