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2002 BMW M3 Coupe
The M3 sizzles with a robust 333 horsepower and enough handling prowess to accompany its significant thrust. But lest you mistake the M3 for just another hot rod, think again. The total driving experience in this car defines perfection. From its pampering luxury to its world-class ride and handling, few cars in the automotive kingdom approach the M3's excellence.   Review & Video on M3 Coupe    M3 Convertible   Don't Try This At Home - Ouch!


2002 Lexus IS 300 5-Speed
Priced from
the low thirties, the high-tech themed IS 300 is a legitimate contender to the BMW 3-series. Aggressive angular styling with short front and rear overhangs gives rise to the 300's luxury sport sedan status. A 215 horsepower inline-6 provides plenty of scat, particularly when mated to the 5-speed manual.   Review on 2002 SportCross   Review on 5-speed



2002 Escape XLT V-6
Combine a great car-like ride, responsive handling, and good acceleration with the utility of a mainstream SUV, and the best candidate around is the all-new Ford Escape. This is one of the few modern SUVs that actually produces respectable fuel economy. Fully loaded 4x4 Escapes are available for around $25,000, making it a best buy in today's competitive SUV market.   Road Test on Escape


2002 Dodge Ram
The new "Mayor of Truckville" is now the coolest full size pickup in town. As much as we like the current Chevy Silverado, the all-new Dodge Ram carried a slight edge during CommonDriver staff voting time. With several powertrain choices, various body configurations and available 20-inch wheels and tires, the newest Ram is well equipped for work detail and for gathering attention on the street.  



2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Although the standard Corvette is wonderful, the 405-hp 2002 Z06 is in a league of its own. Today's Z06 easily overshadows even the legendary '90 through '95 ZR-1. Available in three roof configurations, the Corvette is one of the best sports cars in the world, at any price. But the Z06 is easily our top choice.  Dyno Test on ZO6   Dyno Test on LS1   Road Test on 2001 Z06   Acceleration Comparison Test on Z06 vs ZR-1


2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser
The PT Cruiser is the perfect hybrid mix of car, SUV, and Minivan. Combining new-millennium technology with 1930's retro styling, this clever vehicle crosses all generation gaps and appeals to both the young and old. Add a very reasonable entry-level price tag and you'll understand why Chrysler can hardly build enough of these unique vehicles to meet the intense demands of the American market.   Road Test on PT Cruiser


2002 Subaru Impreza WRX
The all-new Subaru WRX boasts a 227-hp turbocharged engine, a slick manual transmission and all-wheel-drive. That's the part you already know about. What you might not know is that this car is truly a joy to drive. With advancements in refinement, comfort and luxury, this affordable  hot rod makes you wonder why you'd ever spend another 15-grand for an AWD Audi or BMW.

Review on 2002 WRX


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Common Driver 7 Best Vehicles

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