The 52nd Annual Grand National Roadster Show Part 30


Feature Article

Michael Dye and Garry L. Dye





Even SUVs can be customized to make way-cool looking rides. This big 2000 Ford Expedition is owned by R. Brizio of South San Francisco, California. What will they think of next? 






Here's a noteworthy competitor. This jet-ski toting SUV is a brand new 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac owned by J. Noteboom of Hemet, California. Mr. Noteboom bought it equipped this way right off the showroom floor. Yeah, right.








Here's an awesome Coca-Cola Red '34 Chevy Coupe owned by T. Severson of Antelope, California. Every little detail on this Chevy is immaculate, right down to the complete array of custom instruments. Nice job.




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