The 52nd Annual Grand National Roadster Show Part 29


Feature Article
Michael Dye and Garry L. Dye



Low-slung vehicles were definitely in style at the 2001 GNRS. J. D'Agostino of Antioch, California might want to avoid speed bumps in this 1967 Lincoln Continental. 






Yellow is a great attention getter. Such is the case on this '23 Ford T-Roadster Pickup, not that it needs any help. That's a tri-power Chevy 350 bulging out front. R. Spagnoli of San Mateo, California is the owner. 







It's a good bet that S. Chavers of Santa Clara, California wont take this 2000 Excursion off-roading any time soon. And who could blame him? The few customized late-model SUVs at the show acquired a great deal of attention. We'll bet it draws a few looks on the street as well.





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