A 'Lectrifying Experience

1940 Ford Deluxe


Performance Data

Stephen G. Dye


There are many fantastic vehicles to be found at the World of Wheels Auto Shows. This year, one in particular caught our eye. Check out this beautiful 1940 Ford Deluxe, complete with an 871 Weiend supercharged 350 Chevy under the sculpted hood. But the list on goodies found on this sweet ride only begins with the blown powerplant. An Evans TH-400 transmission takes the V-8's urgency and sends it out to a 9-inch positraction rear end by Mark Williams Enterprises. Although the car is only driven to and from the trailer, it sounds awesome when it's fired up.






SRC Motorsports executed nearly all the bodywork, and the brilliant Candy Apple Red paint is the handiwork of Brault Autopaint. The many graphics found on the car can be credited to Maxwell Designs, and the chrome came from Alba's Metal Refinishing. Naiser Racing Components fabricated all the aluminum pieces, which look incredible. The car's owner performed the extensive electrical and mechanical work. We particularly admired the car's shaved door handles and smoothed body seams.






More than 20 lights can be found underneath the car, and the display includes mirrors that would normally show every tiny little flaw. On this car, however, there weren't any to be found. This Ford is cleaner underneath than most show cars are on the topside.






The proud owners of this multi-award winning '40 Ford are Gerald and LuAnn Henderson From Spring, Texas. Gerald calls "'Lectrifying" a full custom rod coupe. He can call it whatever he wants. We're calling it cool





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