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CommonDriver.com™ Mission Statement  Back to top

The Common Driver Automotive Internet Magazine provides the only perspective that matters for all your driving needs.  Yours.  

What we are not:

CommonDriver.com is not a group of trophy bearing, racing license carrying, fire suit wearing, retired racecar drivers. Like other popular automotive magazines, we passionately love cars, trucks, and SUVs. But unlike those older publications, our young staff better represents tomorrow's generation of automotive enthusiasts.

CommonDriver.com does not primarily focus on "lottery-winner-only" vehicles. We understand that everyone enjoys dreaming about wealth, but most of us still find ourselves behind the wheels of much more affordable vehicles.

CommonDriver.com does not provide unwanted information. For example, most young American consumers want details on how well a vehicle rides, drives and accelerates rather than its maximum G-force cornering potential.

What we are:

CommonDriver.com performs the majority of our road tests just like you do; on the street. We love racing cars, but like you, we don't drive racecars to work. Unlike other magazines, we're not as concerned with how vehicles perform on the racetrack, but rather how well they perform under real world driving conditions encountered during the daily commute.

CommonDriver.com believes that we very accurately represent the preferences of young Americans on automotive & transportation design, sales predictions, and views of the general public regarding current automotive trends.

CommonDriver.com is committed to pleasing our subscribers. If you want to see it, please ask for it. We highly regard your opinions as we continually seek to improve The Common Driver Automotive Internet Magazine.


       Why We Are Unique  Back to top

Unlike other leading automotive magazines that send you a copy of their publication every 30 days, CommonDriver.com typically publishes new articles in our e-magazine every day, and it's just a mouse click away. Not only that, but our road tests and reviews offer significantly more photographs than other magazines. The current average number of photos per article is 18. Plus, the vast majority of our photography is our original material. Most other magazines rely heavily on manufacturer-provided photography that has been digitally mastered to make the vehicles look more appealing. To further enhance your browsing experience, several of our publications contain downloadable video within the article. In fact, our magazine offers many different features. You may:

  • Download video from various CommonDriver road tests and reviews (56K or faster recommended)
  • Read original road tests / reviews on new and used vehicles by The Common Driver Road Test Team
  • Read feature articles by The Common Driver Team
  • Actively participate in our new, diverse forum: Talk about cars or post an ad in the "Vehicles For Sale / Wanted" or "Parts For Sale / Wanted" sections
  • Download video and reviews of current concept vehicles from the world's automotive manufacturers
  • Post your own Reader Road Test for public viewing
  • Network your automotive association / organization by posting your events for public viewing
  • Submit Letters to the Editor for posting in our magazine
  • Find unbiased information on buying and leasing vehicles
  • Obtain suggestions for dealing with auto salesmen
  • Gather facts on maintenance needs for your vehicle
  • Browse links to other helpful websites to find news, factory recall information, vehicle history, etc.

       The Way You Drive  Back to top

The Common Driver.com offers a unique perspective when driving and evaluating vehicles. Our test drivers / journalists are not career racers like so many other automotive magazines. But we believe this is one of our strengths. We think that you will be able to distinctly identify with our real-world, cutting-edge perspective when reading our road tests, reviews and feature articles.


       Updated Daily  Back to top

The Common Driver Automotive Internet Magazine is updated every day at 12:00 A.M. Central Standard Time, and various times throughout the day. 


       Used Vehicle Road Tests  Back to top

Research indicates that more than 77% of annual vehicle sales in America involves used vehicles. Interestingly, nearly all forms of the automotive media feature only brand new vehicles. CommonDriver.com seeks to capitalize on that market by offering road tests and reviews on both new and used vehicles. It's fun to evaluate how well vehicles perform when they're brand new, but what's that vehicle like after 35,000 miles of use? CommonDriver.com is easily your best media source for used vehicle road tests.


       Network Your Automotive Events  Back to top

Coordinate and schedule your next automotive event on-line at CommonDriver.com. Included in your subscription, you can post upcoming events and / or paste a *link to your organization's homepage. Let us assist you in better networking your members, colleagues, friends and car buddies.  *Automotive-related website links only, please.


       Our Road Tests  Back to top

Road Test Procedures: Two or more CommonDriver Team members are involved with driving and evaluating vehicles during our standard road tests. Typically, official performance data is completed and posted in the article. The vehicle is generally driven a distance of less than 500 miles. Acceleration and braking data is generated by various means. Under most circumstances, professional equipment is used at a local drag strip, raceway or another privately owned testing facility. Sometimes, an electronic accelerometer is utilized for demonstrating performance numbers. Most road tests are performed in or around the following metropolitan areas: Kansas City, MO, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, Omaha, NE, San Francisco, CA and St. Louis, MO.  

Extended Road Test Procedures: These tests are very similar to standard road tests, except that the vehicle is generally driven a distance of at least 1,000 miles, with more than half of those miles having been accumulated on Interstate Highways.

Vehicle Review and Feature Article Procedures: One or more CommonDriver Team members are involved in our standard vehicle reviews and feature article publications. These articles may or may not involve actually driving the featured vehicle. Such articles are written to evaluate various individual vehicles, compare multiple vehicles, or to comment on styling themes.


       Writing a Reader Road Test  Back to top

Have you ever fantasized that you were a test-driver / journalist for an automotive magazine? As a Common Driver.com subscriber, we have a feature you might be interested in. Included in your subscription is the opportunity to submit your own road tests and reviews to be publicly displayed in our magazine. Click here for details. Click here to view the required form.

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