The New Kansas Speedway Rocks! 


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Stephen G. Dye



The Protection One 400, the first NASCAR Winston Cup race ever held in Kansas occurred on September 30, 2001 at the all-new Kansas Speedway. The Busch Series Mr. Goodcents 300 occurred on September 29. And local CommonDriver staff was there to take it all in. This racetrack is truly magnificent, and the facility has since been acclaimed by both drivers and fans as being truly cutting edge. Compared to other American racetracks, the spectacular Kansas Speedway best represents the future of NASCAR.





Sunday's Winston Cup winner was none other than number 24 Jeff Gordon. This win represented Gordon's 58th Winston Cup victory. Gordon was quoted as saying, "I can't wait to come back to Kansas." Obviously, the immense popularity of the Kansas Speedway extends to the drivers as well as the race fans.





Several drivers commented on the new track's superior design and construction. The general consensus indicates that the top and bottom grooves that drivers found on the track offered more high-speed grip and control than many other NASCAR tracks. However, there were 13 caution flags flown throughout the duration of the race. And no less than 19 lead changes occurred among 12 racecars.





Most of the photos you see here were taken on Friday, September 28, which was the qualifying day for both Winston Cup and Busch Series drivers. CommonDriver is very proud that we here in Kansas City now host the best NASCAR track in existence.




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