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A mere .99 cents per month ($11.88 per year) entitles you to the following subscriber advantages:

  • You will have unrestricted access to all Common Driver downloadable & streaming video, archived road tests, reviews, concept vehicles, feature articles and many other subscriber-only articles and options. 
  • You will have the ability to post your own road tests, vehicle reviews, concept vehicles, and/or other opinion articles for public viewing. Check out the Official Reader Road Test Form.  Reader Road Tests are instantly posted in our Internet Magazine with optional photos. This is a new CommonDriver.com feature.
  • You will have the ability to instantly post upcoming events for your automotive-related organization. This is a very efficient way to network the members of your group. You may advertise a car show, a cruise night, a race night, a special meeting, or any other event that you wish to make Internet-accessible to your members. Both subscribers and non-subscribers alike can view Your Events, although only members may post. These postings are automatically removed after 14 days.
  • You will have the ability to submit Letters to the Editor. Many letters are selected for publication after being approved by our editors. Only subscribers may submit material. Category options include: Letter to the Editor, Comment on a Review, Comment on a Current Issue, and Make Suggestions.
  • You will have the opportunity to vote in the upcoming Surveys section of our magazine. (Currently under construction)
  • Various additional subscriber features will be available soon. CommonDriver.com is a brand new e-magazine, but we fully intend to surpass all other on-line publications in both quality and content as we continue to grow.  

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    As a special introductory offer, subscribers to The Common Driver Automotive Internet Magazine can add 3 free months to their subscription by referring a friend. Simply ask your friend to enter your username in the Referred By field during the subscription process. An additional three months will automatically be added to your current subscription. You may refer a maximum of four friends for a total of 12 free months.

    The Common Driver, Inc. is American owned and operated. 

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